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Terms & Conditions

Philanthropic Advice

Philanthropy Advisory Group New York, LLC (PAG NY) and Philanthropy Advisory Group LA, LLC (PAG LA), and their consultants and affiliates, provide philanthropic advice only.  They do not provide legal or accounting advice.  No advice given by PAG NY or PAG LA is intended or can by interpreted as counsel or advice as would be given by an attorney or accountant.  Any persons engaging PAG NY or PAG LA or speaking to those entities acknowledges that their advice is solely programmatic in nature and does not represent and legal or accounting opinion and that they must consult appropriate legal and accounting professionals for such advice.

Limitation of Service Scope

Users, clients, and others ("clients") who receive advice or information from PAG NY or PAG LA acknowledge that PAG NY and PAG LA have no control over their foundation or donor operations.  Legal authority rests with the foundation board and/or client on all matters.  Clients also acknowledge that PAG NY and PAG LA have no control or authority over the nonprofits that receive grants on which they have advised or how those nonprofits ultimately execute the grants.  PAG NY or PAG LA, therefore, cannot be held liable or culpable under any circumstances for the malfeasance, negligence, or poor performance of any particular grant or grantee or recommendations implemented by the foundation board.  In addition, clients agree that they cannot claim damages against PAG NY and PAG LA for the actions of grantees, related nonprofits, staff or individuals connected to or serving on relevant boards, including, but not limited to, instances when boards engage in self-dealing, private inurement, or jeopardizing investments.

No Development Services

To ensure the best interests of our clients, neither PAG NY nor PAG LA provides development, advancement, or fundraising advice to nonprofits.  In addition, they do not match funders to causes or facilitate funding relationships.

Separate Legal Entities

PAG NY and PAG LA are separate legal entities and affiliate with one another for purposes of marketing and branding.  If PAG NY and PAG LA work on an assignment together, the client contract will acknowledge this and establish such legal obligations and rights.  Other than in such a contractually defined circumstance, the actions and activities of PAG NY and PAG LA are legally separate and may not be attributed to one another.

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