Philanthropy Advisory Group offers customized philanthropic services for private and family foundations, donor advised fund holders, and individual funders. We design our services to provide philanthropists with the support they need to engage in meaningful, innovative grantmaking. 

Custom Services


We customize our services to support our clients—none of our services are pre-packaged. We listen closely to our clients to gain a strong understanding of their needs and philanthropic ambitions, and then we recommend services based on their goals, priorities, and budget.

Some funders retain us for one-time projects such as a “boot camp” training on how to set up and run a foundation; or to conduct family interviews to generate a succession plan; or to help assess staffing needs and find appropriate philanthropic staff. Other clients hire us to serve as long-term advisors. Some funders hire us to manage their whole strategic grants portfolio; others hire us to do in-depth studies and make recommendations on single grants. Finally, certain clients hire us during a transition to assess and recommend a new course of action.

Our menu of services describes those services for new fundersexperienced funders and funders in transition.  For examples of how we have served individual clients in the past, browse our case studies and testimonials.



Our expertise in philanthropy covers the full range of services that funders need:


Grantmaking operations, management, and administration;


Foundation governance, operations, and compliance;


Reconstituting policies and procedures to improve board dynamics;


Developing long-term philanthropic strategies;


Advising families on succession planning;


Training families and foundation professionals who are new to the field;


Working and negotiating with grantees ranging from top tier universities and medical instructions to innovative start-up organizations.

How We Work


We typically use a three-stage approach to begin our customized work with individual clients:


Conduct Needs Assessment (“Listen”)



Recommend Plan of Action (“Reflect and Suggest”)



of Plan



Client Philosophy


We strive to help our clients achieve the societal impact and personal satisfaction that stems from effective philanthropy.  We do this work mindful of the great privilege that we have to collaborate with funders who spend their time and resources advancing causes and helping people in need. 

Unlike other advisors, we emphasize the importance of establishing strong, practical decision-making and operational processes.  It is this practical underpinning that helps our clients produce successful grants as well as rewarding philanthropic experiences.  We also focus on establishing orderly and transparent communication with grantees about the funder’s goals, so that the funder and grantee can be productive partners in their shared mission. 

How much water do I need?

The standard residential water tank is usually between 25,000l and 33,000l. Our large truck carries 10,000l.

How long does a load of water last?

An average NZ family uses between 250L -300L per day, so take into account the number of family members and appliances you have. Means a load could last between 3-5 weeks

My water is brown and looks dirty?

If your tank was empty before filling, the water that was pumped in may have stirred up any sediment which was sitting at the bottom. We recommend you wait a couple of hours before using (if possible), which will give the sediment a chance to settle, and then the new clean water will be drawn off the top.

My water smells?

All water we supply meets the NZ drinking water standards and is taken from registered filling stations. The water is chlorinated so if you are used to just tank water you may notice this. Check your gutters and downpipes for any debris.

How often should I clean my tank and gutters?

An annual inspection is recommended and cleaning undertaken when needed. The below link could be helpful. https://www.healthed.govt.nz/resource/water-collection-tanks-and-safe-household-water

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